IM BACK B#%*$ES!!!

Posted: November 29, 2009 in Uncategorized

yo so this is my first post in a few months. ive been real busy. ive been writing music, skateboarding, and pretty much trying to make money any way i lnow how!! but now im back and i decided to take the blog into a different direction,, i will no longer buy mad nike sneakers,, im starting to feel like its becoming too commercial and status quo,,from now on im gonna rock stuff that i love more than nike,,and thats alife BAPE and some converse,,no more jordans either,,LOL the only nikes that i will continue are dunks and exotic nikes like the toka’s and the mad Jibes,,and the only jordans that im gonna rock are the I’s III’s and VIII’s im still qonna do more nike posts!!


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