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yo this is alvin jean,,cool kidd,,clev’r as hEll keeps the crowd RoLLIN’,,future C.E.O or jetsetter orsomething,,real britE futUre;;famous quote “Welcome to the Greatest Country in the United States of America!!!’ – alvin jeaN


i mean hes a brooklyn boy hes qonna take some qettin used too!!this niqqa is freszh,,comin from where im from,,clothinq qame is alwaysz on point,,got girlsz for daaaaaayyysszz!!!tthis niqqa is a straiqht shooter,,no bullshit at all,,he qot hookupsz evry where youll need a hookup!!swaqqa on a hundred thousand katrillionsz!!

phreszh kid of the day

Posted: June 12, 2009 in phreszh kidsz

nicholas”gummywormboy”daniello,,qoes by many names,,enokz1,,nick-E,,spdy01 and many more!!founder of the piQNoze qraffiti and skate crew my doqq is never afraid to do his own shit,,even in  ninth qrade when we were surrounded by qhetto kidsz with extra extra larqe white tees and baqqy ass cooqi jeansz wit only all white air force one lowsz,,he was the only kidd with the balls to rock ripped skinny levi’s a pair of taqqed converse and a sleeveless shirt!!

yo this is my niqqa oj. one of the niqqasz who are freszh and know it!!i knew him since seventh qrade but hes been fresh way before that,,you coud tell from thisz pic,,i mean look at his air jordan elevens,,freshest kid in classImage-1-2.jpg picture by oj_brooklynjuice4-1.jpg picture by oj_brooklyn