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man since i sold my true blue spizikes ive been yurninq((yes i said yurning))for some new ones,,i was savin up to buy the cool qrey spizikes but if i can find these fuck the cool greysz,,im qoin straiqt for these jointsz


i think they need to qet this genious ass designer workinq wit nike!!

well they aint the real mcflys but they’ll do perfect for this year!!basically nike is tryinq to build up to the release of the nike air mcfly,,scheduled to drop around mid 2015!!!

nazzi13.jpg picture by ELIE_024

air max 95,,retroed…aqain

Posted: June 12, 2009 in sneakersz

the air max 95 is supposed to be getting retroed,,since they are doing it to the air max 95-that saysz something very good about the shoe