DAAAAAAAAMMMNN!!how old is this

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this is a crazy old freestyle i did from when i first turned sixteen,,old as hell but i nevr uploaded it!!


rhymefest-give it to me

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definitely one of the best concept videos ive seen in a long time,,this isnt some boring conscious video its like every punchline had a clever ass visualcheckz him out!!

KiD CuDi keepin it simple

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in a recent interview kid cudi was quoted saying “what should it matter what im wearing” he was referring to an epiphany he had while attending a concert recently in the carnegie hall,,he said the lead singer came in the most basic of outfits and cudi said that it was one of the greatest concerts he ever saw,,since then kid cudi could be seen rocking his signaure outfit,,a pair of cHucks,,a white tee or bape tee,,a leather jacket,,subtle jewelery like a g shock and his jesus piece,,shades and a hat,,most likely a blue jays fitted cap or a all black top hat

Charles hamilton’esque

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dude i wore this outfit a few times and evrytime  i do niqqas say call me charles hamilton or say im jockin da swaqq,,first of all,,i dont really mind cuz hes my favorite rapper but hay i copy no niqqa first they called me shwayze now charles hamilton…damn pattern cham2.jpg picture by ELIE_024here Charles Hamiltonis a link to the shwayze post https://illyizcool.wordpress.com/2009/06/13/niqqasz-keep-sayin-im-yunq-shwayzei-mean-the-niqqa-isz-freszh-as-hell-but-i-dnt-want-niqqasz-to-think-im-swaqqqa-jackintell-me-r-we-similar/

 BEAST!! all rite im not takin sides,,both of these two emcees have a biq impression on me,,so you pick a side whose quote is better!!!its amazing tat KId cudi wasnt konsidered a leader ofthe new skool!!

dude wow

qettin my jesus piece

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ok so if you dont kno already the qood wood jesus pice has been catchin a lukewarm buzz among kanye west fans,,it has been modeled to match kanyes siqnature jesus piece,, the jesus pice first became popular in the 90’s when it was biqqie smalls choice piece of  jewelery i will put the link up on the bloq maybe later today,,once im out of skool!! ima put up picz n a review of the piece once i qet it,,stay tuned!!